Josh Yeung

Josh Yeung

Josh Yeung is a local Hong Kong composer/arranger/producer. I heard a demo of his song, “Why Did You Say?”  recently, and I was immediately attracted by the raw and creative sound that he is coming up with. It’s great to hear some real guitar driven music over here!

We started tracking guitars for the song last night at Joe Tse’s Soul Chain studio in Fortress Hill. It was a good chance to let my ’79 Fender Strat stretch her legs. (Are guitars female? I guess so…) We even broke out a real all valve amp! We had a choice between a Fender solid-state amp and a Peavey (stay with me… this one doesn’t have the spiky logo) Classic Series Delta Blues valve amp. The Delta, from the 90’s, was the obvious choice, with the all tube design and 15″ speaker providing a very warm and smooth tone, complimenting the Strat well. It also helped that Josh wanted a tremolo effect on one of the parts, and the amp has a very nice tremolo built in. We mic’d the amp with the tried and true Sm57, centre against the grille, and something a little different; a Blue Kiwi mic to the side and back a little. The combo made for some great guitar tones.

We also put down some acoustic parts with Josh’s Taylor using another unusual combo of Rhode K2 over the shoulder style and an MXL V67 at the 12th fret.

I’m really looking forward to getting everything else tracked and ready for mixing. Josh’s vision for this will be a fun and welcome challenge to realise.

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