Craig D. Williams




UK based Australian Mixer, Recordist and Producer, equally at home in the analog or digital domain, in the studio or live.

Dedicated to realising your sonic vision.


Quality Mixing, Recording and Production work to a high level of detail.

Affordable solutions available for unsigned or independent artists.

Unattended/Skype Mix sessions available.

Mixing and Recording

Mixing Tuition

Music Post Production

Live Sound Tuition


Live FOH and Monitor Sound Operation

Podcast Production

Mixing Critique


Acoustic Radio Sessions
Some artists I‘ve recorded and mixed for the DMG Radio Network in Australia.
Mixing Samples
A sample of some songs I’ve mixed

Mix Suite


RME converters

Custom Passive Monitor Controller

KRK V8 series 4’s

Yamaha NS40’s

B&W 602 series 1


Pro Tools V10-V2021

Harrison Mixbus 5

Revoice Pro


Plugins from SSL, McDSP, Plugin-Alliance, Slate, Eventide, iZotope, Sound Toys, Waves

UVI Virtual Instruments


Roland PH 830 Phaser

Eventide Clock Works FL201 Flanger

Watkins Copicat Tape Delay

Yamaha SPX 90


Fender Stratocaster USA 1979

Line 6 Variax 700 Modeling Guitar

Cole Clark Fat Lady Acoustic 

Washburn CD10 CE Acoustic

88 Note Keyboard controller

Peavey Delta Blues Classic Series amp

Line 6 Pod 2.0 Amp sim

Meet Craig

I am an Oxford, UK based Australian Mixer, Recordist and Producer, equally at home in the analog or digital domain, in the studio or live.

With extensive experience in:
Analog, Digital and Hybrid recording studio workflow.
Studio mixing, recording, and production.
High level Pro Tools operation.
Touring and Corporate Live FOH and Monitor engineering.
One on One or Group training for live and studio sound.
Radio audio production.
Podcast creation/production.


All For Love- Planetshakers

Live Recording/Post Production/Mixing Assistant

Zeal- Ikon Music


Silver City- The Identity


Same Power- !Audacious Band

Additional Production

Way Of the Brave- !Audacious Kids


Masterpiece- Matt Hill


One- Planetshakers

Live Recording

Faceless- Rob Carrillo (feat Shefali) Shefali Remix


Just One Moment- Greg Jones


TEN Acoustic Sessions- !Audacious Band

Producer/Recording/Post Production/Mixing

Saviour Of The World- Planetshakers

Live Recording/Additional Production

Wake The Dawn- Pete and Nicki Simms


All That I Want- Planetshakers

Live Recording

Rise- !Audacious Band


Ageless Melody- The Vine Band


Arise- Planetshakers

Recording/Mixing Assistant

Rain Down- Reason Music

Recording/Mixing Assistant

Pick It Up- Planetshakers

Live Recording/Additional Post Production/Mixing Assistant

Liftoff- !Audacious Kids


My King- Planetshakers

Live Recording/Post Production

Decade- Planetshakers

Documentary Post Production/Mixing

Now I Can Stand- Byron Hosking

Additional Recording and Editing/Mixing

EP- Mad Road Driving


Evermore- Planetshakers

Live Recording

TEN Live- !Audacious Band

Producer/Live Recording/Post Production/Mixing

Rain Down- Planetshakers

Additional Engineering and Editing

Always And Forever- Planetshakers


Reason To Live- Reason Music

Mixing Assistant

Adore- Paradise Live

Live Recording

Dream Again- Ikon Music 


Reflector- Planetshakers

Mixing Assistant

Bring The Praise- !Audacious Band


Jonathan Spackman

Working with Craig is always fun, honest and informative. He’s knowledgeable, has a professional ear and knows how to pull the best from performers and their performances.
As a skilled recordist and mixer he hears things that I couldn’t hear, but then makes that ‘one tweak’ and I can instantly hear what he wanted to achieve, and its benefit to the production!

I’ve learnt so much from just attending sessions with Craig and when I wanted to improve my own skills further, his ‘Mix Feedback’ and ‘In Person Mix Tuition’ have taken my own mixes to a new level.

Craig is generous with both his time and knowledge. I’d highly recommend Craig to anyone wanting to take their project to the next level, either with tuition, or to trust him with their entire project.

Nathan Blood - Ikon Music

Craig is an excellent producer and recording engineer; not only does he have great knowledge and understanding of how to create a good sound, he is always open and approachable making him great fun to work with. 

Plus his insight into the music industry is invaluable! We have worked together for a few years now and he has helped us take every aspect of what we do to new levels. 


As a band we were incredibly happy with how our latest album ‘Dream Again’ turned out and it couldn’t have happened without Craig’s input.

Matt Hawkeswood - The Identity

When looking at our next project we knew that we needed a producer who understood the end goal.
Craig was on board from day one, his professional approach meant that as a band we could concentrate 100% on creativity moulding the best product we could.

Working in the studio was a breeze and Craig’s input really brought the tracks to life.
We couldn’t have been happier with the EP it really captured us as a band.
Craig is our first choice always on future projects.

Ed Jervis - InPresence Records

When you represent an artist, finding the right producer is crucial. At InPresence Records, our artist The Identity worked with Craig on the recording of their ‘Silver City EP’.

Working with Craig was a fantastic experience, with his creative spirit and ear for excellence really contributing to the sound of the recording. Craig’s expertise and professionalism made the whole recording process extremely enjoyable for our artist, enabling them to produce their best work.

From the perspective of the label, I would thoroughly recommend Craig, who has the skills and personality to get the best out of artists and deliver an outstanding end product. Thanks Craig!

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